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Do You Have an Indisputable WHY ME?

Life lessons from Chubby (my dad) and other smart folks I’ve met on the road.

why me


19 years old. Trying to make it in real estate like Chubby, my dad. But no one was saying “yes.”

Why should they? Selling a home is serious business. I was just a kid.

Many don’t know. The path to success in real estate? It’s not what you think. Chubby taught me early.

Most think it’s about having buyers. Nope. It’s all about the sellers.

When you have listings (homes for sale), you’ll have plenty of buyers. They call from your ads. They call from your signs.

And, having listings brings in more listings. Why? Prospective sellers see your signs and figure since everyone else chose you, they should too.

Bottom line? In the field of real estate, when you control the listings, you control the game.

A real estate agent without listings is like a car dealer without cars.

I was in trouble. I was without listings. Sellers were choosing older, established, experienced agents instead of me.”No” after “no.” Constant rejection. Hard on the ego. Tough on the wallet. No listings + No buyers = No fun.


I asked Chubby what to do. He said something that made me millions and defined the way I’ve run every one of my businesses since — The Indisputable WHY ME?

He said whether applying to college, looking for a job, or selling real estate, I needed to have at least one indisputable ace up my sleeve. The “trump card.” The one unique thing that would make prospects jump to say “yes!”

I needed an indisputable WHY ME? and, “Express it in 8 seconds or less,” Chubby added.

I thought about it. I tried a few things. Finally, I found my WHY ME?

What happened? “No” after “no” became “yes” after “yes.” I owned my local market in a matter of months. I had listings galore. Buyers too.

So, what was my Indisputable WHY ME?

Tune in tomorrow to find out…

How about you? Make Chubby proud. In 8 seconds or less,


why me

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