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Life lessons from Chubby (my dad) and other smart folks I’ve met on the road.

make millions

I found it!

Yesterday I told you about my first 8-second WHY ME.

A kid of 19. Green as a goose. Selling real estate. My first “professional” job.

NO! Day after day that’s what I heard.

NO! A very discouraging word.

What to do? Chubby advised,

“Greg, you need an 8-second WHY ME. It’s got to be an IRRESISTIBLE reason why you (and only you) should be the ONLY choice to sell anyone’s home.”

What did I do?

I doubled the incentive for other agents to sell my listed homes. I paid them my entire 6% commission instead of the typical 3%.

In my listing presentations I explained to sellers that, with this incentive to other agents, I could attract more showings and sell their home faster, for a higher price, than anyone else.

Here was my plan…

  • Sellers would see the benefit of hiring me.
  • I’d list a bunch of homes.
  • My signs would pop up in lots of yards.
  • I’d run ads on my listed homes.
  • My name would become known.
  • I’d be flooded with buyers from my signs and my ads.
  • I’d sell some of those buyers my own listings and earn the entire 6%.
  • I’d sell the other buyers other agents’ listings and earn 3%.
  • After a while, even more sellers would see my success and call me to list their homes.
  • It would snowball into a flood of buyers and sellers — a great success.

Then I could discontinue my commission giveaway.

Did it work exactly as planned? NO!

I DID NOT discontinue the plan. I DID IT FOR YEARS.

Thanks to Chubby’s advice, I became #1 and was driving a silver Lincoln Continental in less than a year.

Love you Dad. Wish you were here.

6% commission, sold

For my son and business partner, Corey, who reads this at 6:00 every morning as he leaves for work: Quick. Right now. What’s your 8 second WHY ME for today? Get rich quick so you can support your dad in his old age. ☺

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